As part of our mission at Nature Science, we’d like to educate the crowd so that misleading information and thus fallacies about cannabis wouldn’t create further confusion and a barrier for potential customers in experiencing the positive effects of products extracted from this wonderful plant.

The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes is in no way new, this practice has actually been around for thousands of years, as the 2018 frontiers in Pharmacology review proves. 

Researchers looked at studies conducted over 30+ years examining various types of pain, such as cancer pain, neuropathic pain or fibromyalgia and they concluded that CBD was indeed effective in overall pain management without causing any side effects. 

Obviously, the most important thing to do in the treatment of pain is to find and eliminate the root cause but this can’t be done from one minute to the next, therefore symptomatic analgesia becomes just as significant. There're so many options to relieve pain from herbal compress to drug treatments with immediate effects but many people seek rather alternative solutions raising the question whether the increasingly well-known and popular cannabis active ingredient CBD can be used in the relief of chronic pain. The Endocannabinoid System found in our bodies helps the communication flow between our cells and this is what CBD interacts with through the receptors of our nerve cells and immune cells. These receptors help our cells react to various stimuli and chemical signs and these reactions create anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. This means that products containing CBD can in fact help in the relief of chronic pain. 

CBD is available in the form of oil or creme and it can be used both internally and externally. By taking it continuously, lasting results can be achieved in relieving any type of pain, due to its strong antioxidant effect. CBD also has an anxiolytic effect, which can help reduce stress caused by persistent pain or pain resulting from mental problems. It’s in no way a mind-altering substance, it doesn’t cause addiction but it’s capable of interacting with other types of drugs, thus it’s always highly recommended to do a comprehensive research or consult with a doctor in advance of taking it. 


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