As part of our mission at Nature Science, we’d like to educate the crowd so that misleading information and thus fallacies about cannabis wouldn’t create further confusion and a barrier for potential customers in experiencing the positive effects of products extracted from this wonderful plant. 

CBD oil as such has plenty of proven therapeutic benefits, it has widespread prescribed use and popularity amongst patients diagnosed with cancer, epilepsy, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, anxiety and the list could go on, but it can also help for people with less severe problems such as general sleeplessness, feeling down or nervous, wishing to relieve their pain et cetera. CBD actually affects the Endocannabinoid System, which can be found throughout the bodies of all humans, mammals, birds, fish and reptiles. The CBD oil reacts to the ECS through the receptors CB1 and CB2 and activates the whole system, meaning that it doesn’t only have positive effects for us but it has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and stomachic effects when administered to our pets, too. 

How to administer CBD oil to pets? 

We all know that our pets can be picky when it comes to medicine, so the best option to administer the CBD oil is by mixing a few drops of it with their food. 

The dosage totally depends on the weight of the animal. If we wish to use it as a dietary supplement, it is best to start with a 2% CBD oil, giving 1 drop once or twice a day to smaller animals under 10 Kg or 2 drops once or twice a day to larger animals above 10 Kg.

Just after one week, visible signs of improvement in the quality of life or in the treatment of minor diseases can be noticed. If necessary, dosage can be increased. 

If we wish to enhance our pets’ specific treatment, it’s recommended to use high concentrated CBD oils of 5-10%. The dosage is still substantive, depending on the illness itself, its severity and the weight of our pet, as well as it’s always advised to consult with the vet too. 

We’re here and working on bringing you closer to this world, step by step. 

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